As A Pilot Our World Becomes Much Smaller

Yesterday A proposal came across my desk, and by that I mean it was mentioned to me in passing. “Joe is bringing out the jet on Sunday and we are going to Palm Beach for […]

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One Day It Was All A Dream

Do you remember when it was all just a dream? Your desires were just an infant that grew into uncontrollable passions? That is aviation.

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Flying will change the way you see the world through your own eyes.

There are many things that change for a photographer when they pick up the camera for the first time.  You become an all noticing, collector and gatherer of information. We photographers notice things that other […]

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When You Realize Your Life Has Changed Forever

The life of a pilot. This morning I awoke in a cold sweat from a nightmare that would not leave me. In seconds the moment is clear and the visions were not a nightmare at all. […]

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When you look forward…

when you look back make sure it is to see the beauty of where you have come from, when you look forward and it looks like it somewhere you have been, you must be on […]

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We believe that dreams become reality.

Personally I am just a photographer who became part of something that is bigger than myself. One day a simple gesture of kindness changed my life forever, and it will never be the same. Once […]

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