As A Pilot Our World Becomes Much Smaller


Yesterday A proposal came across my desk, and by that I mean it was mentioned to me in passing. “Joe is bringing out the jet on Sunday and we are going to Palm Beach for a couple days.” At first, this was a normal conversation and I thought absolutely nothing of it. Driving home from the airport I began to think about it… Palm beach would be fun, I have family there and I have friends in about six neighboring Florida cities.

Suddenly I had a moment where my old self came up from inside and knocked on the door of my consciousness… I realized how truly absurd that sounded. First, am I really just going to hop on a plane and go to Palm Beach for a couple days? Secondly, how do I know so many people in Florida? (And Georgia, Tennessee, California, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and so on.)

It is just the reality for those of us involved with aviation. Our whole world becomes smaller, and infinitely so.  The flying community is so small that we just start to know each other from events, from knowledge sharing, and just simply asking questions. You ask your instructor something complex that he does not have great experience with and he may refer you to Robert in Massachusetts because no one has more experience in this situation that Robert. Or you may end up speaking with Tim in Oregon because he was an Alaskan bush pilot for 10 years. The genuine nature of the people you know in aviation is amazing. (Although every industry has their bad sort, it is minimal in aviation.)

Not only do we see more of our world, and change the perceptions we have about the world around us but our social circle expands in ways we never imagined possible. Learn to fly for the sake of the friends you build along the way.

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