Flying will change the way you see the world through your own eyes.

There are many things that change for a photographer when they pick up the camera for the first time.  You become an all noticing, collector and gatherer of information. We photographers notice things that other people don’t because were always scanning for a photograph. Being able to hold a time period In a single frame also teaches us that no single frame can truly depict an experience. It teaches us to absorb the experiences as though they will never happen again… Because they won’t. 

Once you become a pilot you learn to see things from a different perspective… Everything you see you when you’re in the air is from an angle that the rest of the world never sees. This altered perspective also forces us to look at our daily lives with a kiss of our subconscious, adding the echo of memories from places we will always cherish. Every sunset comes with vision of what it looks like from the pilots privileged eye. 

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