We believe that dreams become reality.

Personally I am just a photographer who became part of something that is bigger than myself. One day a simple gesture of kindness changed my life forever, and it will never be the same. Once you are an aviator it never leaves you, and flight will be the eternal song that plays in your heart every day you wake up. The aviation community is like a small town where nothing bad happens, without a friend standing at your side, telling you your not alone. All of life’s inspiration can come from one place, and in the case of aviation that place is the sky. All of it translates back to love. Love for what you do, love for a person, love for life. Flight is a dream for some, and for me, it has become a reality. All of us that stand shoulder to shoulder believe the same thing: This is a place where a life of dreams has become reality, and we are determined to help you see your dreams come true.

Independent Helicopters for Helicopter training in the Hudson Valley and Upstate New York.

Limitless Aviation for fixed wing flight training in Upstate New York.

Take Flight Aviation for flight training in the Hudson Valley.

There is nothing in the world like a sunset from the air, once you experience it you will never be the same.


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