There is always something brewing at four • five • seven. Every project is attacked with a clean sheet of white paper and developed into a finely crafted network of ideas, production and solutions. problem solving is part of the excitement in production and we welcome every challenge that comes with creation.

Aviatrix Life.

The Aviatrix Life Project. Around three years ago I was witness to how a few select women in the aviation industry were treated, and I must state right here, although there are occasionally people mistreated they are the minor exception and not the rule. It just happened to be, my first experiences made me aware enough about the climate to start this project. It only took two instances to start me on the path to creating. The project began with goals, theories and very few rules.

Well for starters, what is it?

The project is a long term portrait project that will ultimately manifest itself into a book containing the stories of female aviators, their inspirations, their struggles, and their lives.
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Why is the book not done?

Simply, traveling all over the country to produce content interviewing amazing people and conducting photo shoots does in fact cost money. We do what we can, when we can, as we can do it. Originally the T-shirts and sweatshirts we make were supposed to help offset the costs but we sell very few. Corporate sponsors will certainly not be turned away. There may also be a crowdfunding campaign in the future.

The Rules:

The rules were very simple, and will not change.
1) There will be nothing sexual portrayed for the case of attention or media.
2) We will share stories of perseverance, but will not aid in the bashing of other cultures.
3) The women we highlight will be pilots and those that support aviation, and women in aviation in any way they can.
4) We will not support, mention, or refer companies that use sexuality to sell products.

What is next?

At this time we are trying to put together a scholarship. Like producing content, giving someone a scholarship to complete theoir flight training also costs money. Very soon there will be an article coming out in a very large editorial publication highlighting the project. We hope this will attract some kind corporate supporters and push one or two lucky women further along in their training. Details on what the scholarship is based on will be in the magazine, and it will be active as soon as it is funded.

Book & Podcast.

Safety is such an important part of the aviation world, and so many people ask me about weather. “What’s it like to fly in a thunderstorm?” is a question I have heard time and time again. We cannot fly in a thunderstorm, nor can we fly near thunderstorms. There are plenty of technical weather related reasons but the truth is simply this; there are places that mother nature is simply too powerful. If you would like to see the actual scale of what a large thunderstorm can be, see if you can see the FedEx Boeing 757 in the image below. These clouds may just looks like clouds, but they are actually the sublime representation of mother natures immense power. For the sake of a scale comparison, the 757 is designed to carry between 200 and 295 passengers. Currently we are working on a book and podcast that both explore ideas, concepts and realities in aviation.

For the photography geeks out there, this is merely the product of sunset light and refraction with the slightest post production tweak. The colors are real.

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