Aviatrix Portrait Project


The project aims to highlight the contemporary female in aviation, while also promoting the future of women in aviation by telling the individual stories of the women paving the way for others to become aviators. The Aviatrix Project will illuminate the bridge between perception and reality from normal life to the life of a successful aviator.   We aim to show people of all ages, backgrounds,  and demographics that the position of pilot is not an unattainable career.

From The Creator:

From the moment I was thrust into aviation life I have seen first hand what it takes to be a successful woman in the industry. My inspiration is a woman of tremendous perseverance that started with nothing but $30 and a desire to fly for a living. Not only is this person a role model to women, but also to any man willing to pay attention to the wisdom she releases to the universe. This is a person that has proven the possibility of success for a woman in a male dominated industry is extremely high, and she sets an example for women around the world.

Women in aviation are intensely promoted within aviation, while the message does not stretch far beyond the limits of the industry itself. We are all content to stay within our interest, but we need to break away and reach the people beyond the inner circle. We need to educate the unknowing.

The project is ultimately a photographic sociological awareness project. The idea is not only to raise awareness, but also break the boundary of aviation itself and demystify what it means to be a pilot for women everywhere.


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